Trippy Button Badges

I know im new and all but i plan to stay around :yeah: so i hope you won’t mind me advertising my button badge designs -

Trippy Button Badges

Many thanks :D

pretty nice!! :)

now take this logo and make a badge that every renoiser will be proud to wear ;)

Can’t do that :unsure: because the company i use won’t allow copyrighted stuff so no pictures of famous people, product logo’s ect, good idea though :D

Spreadshirt also does buttons now, tell pulsar to add buttons to the shop. as for the logo, I asked celsuis for the name of the original font, he didnt answer yet.

and I like your buttons, nice approach to that.

Too many colors by my taste, but the black/gold star-button in the low middle is definetly of my liking.

Then again, never been a button-user…

I used to have a button with Samantha Fox on it. Stole it from my sister.

Same here, but I stole it from by brother :lol: