Trouble Finding Music

I have this problem, that I can’t find music I like. :(

I mostly like my own tracks. Not because I would like myself or something. Just that I make music that I like. But listening to only my tracks gets boring too quickly. And also bit weird as someone once said. :)

So can anyone recommend a way out? :)

listen more music ofcourse

create a profile on; it is a social network which use its own software or plugins to other media players to analyze what you listen to and recommend artists which may be of your interest, and let you listen to new music through their net-radio.

here you can see my user profile. I discovered many of the top 50 artist featured in the top list on itself.

One more recommendation for from me. I’ve discovered lots of artists there that are now among my favourites: Swod, Goldmund, Julien Neto, Ryoji Ikeda, Alva Noto, and many others… It’s priceless.

i don’t want to gay up the thread or anything, but myspace is a good place for finding music.

another way is to use discogs in tandem w/ soulseek.

something i like doing is downloading a huge megatorrent full of unknown music, then dumping it in onto my ipod for my daily walks.

online shops like juno. juno is a huge online store where you can hear stuff.

that site sounds like a winner, too.

Pandora is a similar net radio that I like. You can get very specific on exactly the type of music you want if you care to.

Pandora only works for the US. :(

it’s a comforting thought that there will always be more awesome music you have NOT heared, than awesome music you HAVE heared.

well you’re pretty in-the-know, so i’m sure you could use a proxy server if you cared to go through the trouble.

I think this is only true when you open your mind a bit.
when I think I know what I’m looking for, some breakcore or acid or ambient techno or whatever, I always end up disappointed.
then my friend sends me some Gamelan, Steve Reich, Son House, or Glenn Gould, and it’s just amazing, but all of it from totally different paradigms.
get out of your own backyard and go explore the world a little :)

daemon: did not work too well when I tried last time. They seem to have a pretty big list of proxies and when you connect with one of those they refuse you aswell.

maybe if you have kde, get amarock and check out the streams/feeds it also connects with it’s just like a gnu itunes only better.
-linux only

other than scouring the web i find great tunes from mixes, soundtracks, and community radio.

Darjeeling Limited ost was in my deck for probably about a month.

that’s strange. maybe they’re afraid of international hacking attempts that they couldn’t prosecute against. sorry that it was so much trouble to get in.