Trouble With Fast Rides / Hi-Hats

So, I’m working on creating my own breaks, and so far it’s going pretty good. I can recreate the usual breaks with the typical hi-hat endings(used a lot in Enduser’s tunes for instance). I’ve accomplished this by toying around with the volume and using different samples, but I cannot for the life of me recreate the break in Squarepusher’s Steinbolt.
I’ve done the same thing, but it just sounds like crap. It’s the ride thing in the break around 05.38 I’m talking about.

Mess of a post, but I hope somebody can make some sense out of it.

That’s not a ride, it’s a tambourine, it’s from the Think break.

Oh wow, using a tamb or a shaker made a whole lot of difference. Thanks, dude!