Trouble With Midi Operations

Im Peter, come from Poland - this is my first post so I would like to say hello to everyone ;)

Since a few days im testing the demo of 2.6 and I must say that Renoise totally inspires me.
Over the last few years I worked in Ableton but I wanted to change something in the style of my workflow, beside this years ago I started on Impulse Tracker than ModPlug so im pretty
much familiar with trackers. The only thing which I cant handle for now is MIDI operations. Try to explain whats going on.

  1. I have a tool called W2 Harmonizer - is scale based plugin that converts single incoming MIDI notes into full chords. I have no idea how to setup this in Renoise environment.
    For example in Ableton, you create 2 MIDI channel : 01-with w2 Harmonizer, 02-synth (and setup MIDI-IN to “From W2 Harmonizer”) - thats it. Its that possible in Renoise, or maybe
    there is a different way ?

  2. I have lots of chords in separated MIDI files (from Grant Nelson Chordworx) and cant figured out how easily import them to the track. I know there is an option "Load file with options" but its a pain to use. Is there different way to do that ?
    Maybe there is a plugin you know which has the ability to assign couple MIDI files and than sending this notes to the synth track ?

Sorry for my english, I tried to describe everything as simply as i can :)
Appreciate for any suggestions and help.


all right then :) maybe Renoise is not for me.


  1. Try a Midi Control Device?

  2. Midi import is not one of Renoise’s strong points. If you are a coder you could do it in Lua, though. I’ve started a project to improve midi import/export, but it’s only 1/5 done and won’t be getting back to it soon.

I’ve been waiting for this in several updates but nope, not possible in Renoise (unless you route it via energyxt). This is a real showstopper for me.
Renoise is great but I can’t believe this basic functionality hasn’t been implemented yet.

totally agree, I had some plans for better midi handling, it will come eventually, I know for sure.

Came back here, was actually EXPECTING this to be fixed. But look at this, thread created october 2010. And still not added. Functionality that
all (to my knowledge) other DAW’s can handle. I’m seriously disappointed and will not renew my license until. FWIW

And if you wonder why I’m so into this BASIC functionality - 1) I enjoy products like these. 2) I’ve started developing my own in Visual Studio C# to make some
cool MIDI vst effects.

Damn renoise…you’re good…but this is disappointing.