Troubles With M-audio Audiophile Firewire

hello all,

Last week a receive my new soundcar (m-audio audiophile firewire), and i have a problem with renoise.

When i play a tune with it and after 1 or 2minutes of use renoise lagg and the sound will crappy.

Normaly this music use 20% of cpu without this soundcard, and with my problem i get 70%. why ?

i test my card with a higher buffer like 512 or 1024 but it’s not solved my problem. I try in directsound after trying asio, and the same… 70% after 2minutes.

And the biggest problem is, when i stop playing the music, i always get 20% cpu used (see in renoise).

I got the last driver from m-audio website. please help me. :(

i got a vaio with a firewire port. i don’t know if i can update it.

i found this

and this…49-e668a50e6e81

i try to install those patch. i’ll tell if it work

(i dont understand french) but I heard that if you install SP2 to your XP then firewire speed is reduced quite a bit… The workaround is to replace firewire driver files to older ones…

i patch my driver for firewire in SP1

but my probleme isn’t solved :(

Hi all,

i finally found my problem.

My pc was dirty inside and the temperature gone to 90°.

You know in a laptop it’s not easy to open it and clean.

So this night i did it, and all work fine now.

Wow! that was a wierd hardware solution :P

I’ve opened quite some laptops in my career, but hardly seen dirty laptops from the inside (unless someone spilt coffee or chocolate milk over it).

Problems with laptops caused by heat, in many cases are because the heat can’t get away enough. Laptops are equipped with only a small air-duct opening on the back or the side, but developers forget about heat-guidance at the bottom of the laptop and usually this is where the heat turns up trouble anyway.
Various effects usually are stuttering behaviour and hanging systems.

The effects are best and quickest noticable when using CPU instensive software like DVD players.

If you have a laptop and the bottom gets pretty warm, raise it by placing it on top of a paper-basket or some sort.
At least with enough space underneath it so the heat can flow away more easily.