Trying To Open Demo

Hello All,

I had the Renoise Demo on my old Macbook but just recently upgraded to the brand new MacBook Pro (2.2 GHz) equipped with Lion OSX 10.7.2
The demo worked fine on my old comp but I’ve tried downloading it numerous times on this new comp and every time I try to open the application it just stops on “Enumerating MIDI Devices…” and the App in the dock keeps blinking until it eventually says “Application Not Responding”… I then have to force quit and it just says “Renoise has quit because of a problem.”

Any idea what could be wrong?

I’ve tried deleting every single Renoise file, re-downloading it, and tried again. Still the same error.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated

I pretty sure it’s my computer cause the same thing is happening to Ableton. The start up screen shows up…then it stops loading and says App Not Responding.

Any computer geniuses out there have any ideas?

Applications -> Utilities -> Console

All messages

Start Renoise / Live

Wait… Wait… Wait… Wait…

Paste the logs so we can see?