Trying To Record Renoise Via Soundforge

is this possible?

i’ll be playing my tune in renoise and i’ll be looking to record in soundforge.

i understand i could render it all down but i would be looking to do it through my soundcard etc.

thanks :P

If your soundcard supports to record your wave-device as source, you can do this.
Just do remember that if your CPU is not up to the task, glitches are recorded as well.
You could however register Renoise and render to disk knowing that your work will be outputted to wave without flaws and glitches (and without msn soundfx because one of your contacts was just getting online).

Yeah but you can’t tweek things live and render can you. I’ve been meaning to sort a live set using renoise, mainly using dBlue’s Glitch, Instajungle and Cyanide II on certain tracks, tweeked live, then using something like Audio Mulch with it’s granular sounds and some wacky effects live Crazy Ivan to fill in the spaces, while the next track loads, with some atmospheric noises and stuff. Not got around to sorting anything yet though…

I’ve found sometimes it works, sometime the output of the wave editor becomes distorted. First step to getting it working is to set Renosie to work with stereo outputs only

With a decent soundcard supporting ASIO (and a regged edition of Renoise) you have the choice of routing audiochannels to different outputs (without noise if you pick the digital aux channels of the card)
Not only the master track, but individual tracks as well.

Yes but that doesn’t let you use two different application both using ASIO. I have been registered for over a year now and still find it is very tempremental trying to use a sound editor at the same time, both running ASIO! Normally the sound editors output will become distorted and unusable. Have only used it for editing long (vocal) samples, not recording, so not sure if the input is distorted in the same way when this happens. But the only way I could get it to even let you try, distorted or not, was to tick the “Stereo output only” button in the options.

Not quite sure why you were mentioning that anyway. How does it relate to what I posted? Surely I’m missing something…

I was relating to “stereo outputs only” but i figure by now you didn’t meanted the hardware approach.

btw, i have not experienced any application that could share my ASIO driver with another application at the same time.

Tweaking options while rendering is not possible no, but that’s what the automation is all for, once you have configured all your parameters through automation, it will render those options.
Rendering is for a pure preconfigured environment, this relates to all software that does rendering (wether it is audio, numbers or graphical objects). There is no software application that allows you tweaking of settings during rendering because you usually can’t witness the result live.

If you want to tweak things live but keep cpu consumption lower; rendering your VSTI tracks to sample and import those will already give the CPU more breathing space for vst effects to apply.

Or use more hardware synths and control them through MIDI.

Actually, i hope Windows Vista really has a lot of improvements on this area else i foresee a lot of audio users will probably step over to a Mac.

@vvoois, i dont think many would switch over to mac, simply because vst/i’s are sooo much more established on pc.

IMHO microsoft releases are always subpar, an i think everyone has come to expect that.

it will probably be a status thing like it was with xp an cellphones…

on the subject of this tho, i read something about some guys making a Jack for pc, there is probably already an alpha.

Still, this won’t deal with VST establishment ratio.
If only there would be a common multiplatform plugin environment around… Like Java is, but this would go at the cost of CPU cycles.