Trying To Recreate A Saw Sound..

Ok so Katy Perry wants to see male genetalia but just can’t bare to say the word…

Anyway, that saw that comes in around 1:00 just sounds so smooth and nice I decided to try and replicate it with Vanguard. I’m not getting that close, I’m not that amazing with creating sounds so thought I’d ask to see how someone else would try to do it here?

I know it’s a sort of silly question to ask as you just have to try and listen -tweak - listen -tweak but hoping for someone to give any insight into something I haven’t thought of, cause I just can’t get that last 5% of the distance to make my vanguard sound the same. :confused: It just sounds so friggin polished and it annoys me I can’t get there! :D

I’m layering the usual saws (vanguard has plenty) and eq-ing, maybe I should try drawing my own? Guess it’d have to be another vsti in that case.

Cheers for any advice.

the vid has got removed,lol

geez that was quick… > :)

And if that doesn’t work -> (don’t let the ‘HQ’ in the video title fool you, bad quality on this one)

The track is called peacock btw if those get deleted as well. :)

Slippycurb, interesting avatar on your soundcloud page lol

Layered saw > smooth distortion > slight chorus > plenty of reverb > EQ > gate > reverb > compression > reverb?

Didn’t actually think of adding distortion… been through the rest but that might help maybe… cheers.