Tune Command

New pattern command: tune. Not the samples or instruments but specific notes.

Not slide or glide. Tune.

Sorry if this has been suggested before. Guess it must have been. Couldn’t find a topic about it.

you mean ability to automate the ‘finetuning’ box in the ‘instrument settings’ tab (sample properties) with patterncommands?


Should have elaborated more.
Actually, I was thinking about a command that only affects the individual notes.
Let’s say the command is 0TXX. Then for example 0T80 would mean one semitone up.

The reasons I wouldn’t like to control the sample tuning are:

  1. Why would you suddenly change a specific sample’s tuning? This would only (?) make sense if the sample for some reason needs one tuning consistently in one part of the song, another tuning consistently in another part of the song. You would rarely need this, I guess. In most cases, you would like the tuning to change back to the original.
  2. With a multi-sample instrument, you could easily lose sight of which samples are tuned to what.
  3. And a practical problem: There’s not enough parameters to point out which specific sample you would like to tune. We only got 4 numbers in the effect column. But we would need 1 (for the T command) + 2 (selecting the sample you want to tune) + 2 (the tune value) = 5 for this (wouldn’t we?).

With the note-tune command you can add color to a specific note without changing the entire instrument.

Being able to customise tunings is an interesting idea, but I think this would make more sense at the instrument level not as a pattern command. I don’t see why you would need to change the tuning in the middle of a song, but you might well want to create a harpsichord instrument that uses a tuning other than equal temperament, for example.

There could be a panel in the instrument editor that allowed you to adjust each note of the scale up or down by a particular amount, with some sensible presets corresponding to well-known tunings.