[ ] Tune


… i’ve got something recorded. :)

check it out :

-> kinoma - [] (rA).mp3 (renoise)
-> kinoma - [] (rB).mp3 (renoise)
-> kinoma - [] (rC).mp3 (renoise)
-> kinoma - [] (rD).mp3 (renoise)
-> kinoma - [] (rE).mp3 (renoise)


-> kinoma - [] (rA).mp3 (direct)
-> kinoma - [] (rB).mp3 (direct)
-> kinoma - [] (rC).mp3 (direct)
-> kinoma - [] (rD).mp3 (direct)
-> kinoma - [] (rE).mp3 (direct)

what do you think?


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… the urls

If you buy renoise you can render your stuff ;)

Nice tune mate!

mhmmm, cheers :)

First track would suit to a demo just nicely :)

if you enter renoise dev team like basil did you’ll be getting renoise for free! :D

Strong tune!


sweet, i had kind of a demo/game track in mind too.

I really like this. It reminds me of Amiga hacker demos to some degree but with really high quality sound and really well refined. Good job :D

Sounds fantastic to me! I like this acid & deep-beat style! :) :) :)

thank you guys, I’m pleased you enjoy that one :D

that should be the final track …

-> kinoma - [] (rB).mp3 (renoise)

-> kinoma - [] (rB).mp3 (direct)

made the 303 a little more bitchy, added a little round-up-synth and some more tiny samples here and there.

mp3 removed

Your song goes directly to a CD for listening while driving a car :) as I have pretty loud stereo there ;)
Fantastic! 10 stars! :)

awesomeness! its ment to be played at high volume :D
cheers nick.



uploaded 3rd version, I hope the low freq. work out now.
not changed too much tho’, it got a little longer, a bit more screaming and breathing here and there, nothing else.
ID3 tag had wrong bpm info :panic:

I love this song a lot! :) So much energy! Fantastic!
Upload it to YouTube & put it! And share link. I would like to play it sometime when I`m online & with friends!
Keep it going!!! :)))))))))))))

Listening to the rc link from the first post;

great bass in this as far as I can tell from my headphones, yeah production is tight. Other than the drum & squelching 303 there isn’t that much going on in this, guess it works on the dancefloor…wish maybe you cut down the acid for a moment to let the drums breath and put in some other elements. Make more of a track out of this than a knob twiddle workout? :)

eheheh … yea it’s just that I’m afraid, some beat with 303 while playing with the knob :o. good to hear the sound worked out … finaly.
thanks for listening guys :)

Hell yeah!
This track sounds awesome : efficient and it’s perfectly mixed ! Reminds me of the first need for speed game series :)


*bump for new version uploaded woot!

That stuff is amazing.