Tunepunk Feat. Gaby - Keep In Touch

Here’s a song I made a while back for a Commercial but decided to release a full version of it here. Everything is made in renoise using mostly samples recorded directly in renoise. Even the Vocals.

Hope you enjoy it. :)


EDIT: Now loooking for talanted people for remixes of this tune. Let me know if you’re interested.

Great song and good mixing. :)

But do you really have a 100 MB harddisc? :unsure:

Lol … not really … Gb should it be… good thing you noticed. :)


Video for the song can be found here. I will post the final version shortly. This video has the early version of the song when it was still in progress.


please enjoy

good job m8

Any Remixers out there? Looking for talanted people to make House/Club/Dance Whataver mixes you want of this song. :) Contact me for Vocal tracks.

A label has shown interest in the song and a possible single release could feature your remix.

" Keep in Touch " ;)