Turn OFF track completely

I want to see a way to turn off track completely so the track wont eat any CPU-power, today it is only possible to mute the track but the waves are still generated in the background and accordingly consume CPU.
When I begin to work on a song I often start with just one pattern and add one idea to a track, and then mute it and start with another idea. This means that I can end up with a pattern filled with ideas for the whole song, the patter turns into a pallete with ideas that I then cut and paste to new patterns. But this way of working isn’t very optimal when it comes to renoise cause after awhile I got too many tracks for one pattern and even if I mute them they still consume CPU…

Hey, I agree, its the same way I compose…When I have time, which I don´t :( But when I do :)

always suggested … see this [Dysfunctional Channel Mutes](http:// this-link-is-no-more-valid?act=ST&f=6&t=1155&hl=mute+tracks)

wooops, I’ve missed that thread completely :)

well, i think this suggestion is simply left behind by the coders … but i think a real channel kill or note mute/solo in columns is really really really really really really important …

(another thing: empty tracks (without any notes) are rendered too - a useless thing - why?)

who said that?

you disassembled the EXE? :)

silent channels are not rendered.

at least this is what taktik has always said :)

silent channels are not rendered

muted channels are not rendered. he meant that active channels wich contain no notes are also rendered.
I think its not a big deal to either mute them by yourself before rendering or simply deleting them afterwards.

aaahh ok, I thought he was talking about audio rendering…

I forgot that WAV rendering also exists, sorry :rolleyes:

Hmm, sometimes I have an rns at +80% and it stutters.
Then, when I solo 1 track, it’s still at +80% and still stutters.


muted tracks are currently not rendered to wav (when exporting the song to several wav files), but they are played !