Turn Your Eq Into A Simple Gainer!

Note that the EQ-gainer can go all the way up to +20 dB, more than the normal gainer.

Picture says it all.

What has this to do with the API and Scripting? Should it be in Tips and Tricks?

That’s a good question. I don’t really know what I was thinking when I posted that in the API dev forum… I mean, it’s impossible to do without the API, and I think maybe when I decided to put it here I thought I would mention something about the scripting, but ended up not writing much. It’s not exactly a tip or trick, just a mediocre attempt at humor (why would you ever actually use an eq as a gainer?), but in retrospect I guess the placement wasn’t the best.

So you can get that number above 4.00 with scripting? oO

would it not also be possible to edit the DSP XML and paste back into the DSP chain? not at home so cannot try.
seems strange that would not be possible while accessing it through the API is, right?

Yeah, never mind me and my silly claims, that works.

still, good to know this. i won’t hate you for your silly claims.