Turned Mouse Scrolling Off On A Track Accidentally

And it’s super annoying.
Mouse wheel scrolling works (on other songs) before I load one particular song, but once I do it stays locked (scrolling using the side bar works fine).
Even if I load other songs, it stays locked in renoise (works in other concurently running apps) until I close the program and restart.

How do I fix this?

mousewheel scrolling turns non-functional from now and then over here as well. although it’s not song dependant.
it seems to happen sporadically, however i can always re-enable it by giving another non-renoise window the focus for a moment and returning again.

Mine seems to be associated with a certain track (song) or two.
It will still work for me outside renoise on a concurrently running app. but will continue to stay stuck in renoise.
The only cure is to close renoise and reopen whereupon it will work again until I open a few certain songs.

I’ve just kind of accepted that I will not be doing any scrolling in these tracks for now.

weird stuff.
is there maybe one certain VST(i) plugin you use for the songs in question, which might be responsible for that odd behaviour?
i’d be surprised if renoise would save a “disable mousewheel” parameter inside the .rns structure ;)

Hard to say, I’ll have to go back in and look to see if I’m using some vst not in other songs.
Fortunately, I can still work pretty effectively, it’s just inconvenient.