Turning Effects On/off With Xyzz Command

Hi, just a quick question:

when turning a DSP effect off by using XF00 the effect does not turn on again when entering data for a parameter of that effect…ie. i need to first use XF01 to turn the effect on again before I can adjust a parameter of that effect using, for example; X1zz (adjust parameter 1 by zz).

I am adjusting the cutoff of filter3 on the first line of a pattern directly following a pattern in which I want filter turned off.

In order to do this I am putting the XF01 command on the last line of the preceeding pattern. This is causing an undesirable popping sound…(if i dont use the XF01 command the filter will stay switched off even though X1zz commands are present). is there any way around this problem??

this is an intended behaviour and should really not be changed, if this is what you wanted to report

it depends on the situations: generally speaking, turning on a DSP will likely cause a click if there is sound playing on the track, expecially with filters, and there is little Renoise can do to avoid this. It’s up to the sound designer (you) to apply a filter gradually.

ok, thankyou…just fade it in, not turn on suddenly…cool