Turning Sound Off In 1 Pattern

Hi, I am using Massive VST in one pattern but the sound still plays in the next pattern…
For example, Massive VST sound plays in 18 then it moves onto pattern 19, I do not want the sound to play on pattern 19… What can I do?

press CAPS LOCK key when cursor is on the place where you want to stop the note (in your case at the end of pattern 18): this will add a note off (“off” symbol) to the pattern.

I’m afraid this didn’t work :(

Ah, it didn’t work because I wasnt in recording mode… :unsure: Thanks for helping me :)


Oh wait… It still doesn’t work :(

What instrument is running in your plugin? The “Off” command tells your plugin to initiate the audio termination process.
This does not necessarily mean that your sound is instantly getting cut off but finishes perhaps a Decay and sustain envelope before it completely stops the sound.
If your VST preset is being told to play forever also when it receives an OFF note, then it won’t work no.
So in that case you have to check your preset parameters and then specially parameters for sustain and looped volume envelopes with sustain parameters. (I have no idea where in Massive you can find this, but i suppose you have the manual of Massive around)
The only other way to cut off the volume is simply setting the volume of the track to 0 but that won’t resolve your problem with an instrument that is still playing.

You’ve probably got a really high decay?
I don’t know how familiar you are with Massive…

probably best to pot an explample xrns .

also check if there is sustain (MIDI CC #64) active on the instrument

Caps Lock on each line of notes on whatever track Massive is on will stop the notes from playing on those specific lines within the track. What I mean is if you have say maybe Massive playing three note chords you would have to put an off command on all three lines of the instrument’s track not just one of them. Also, there is the FF00 command for the effect column which simply stops all effects and notes for the whole track and not just certain lines within the track.