Tutorial Links On Web Page

I think there needs to be more links to the online tutorial/faq on the renoise web page. Currently I can only find it under community when looking at the description for help and support

Community–“3. Help & Support
Please take a look into the online tutorials before posting a question.”

When I think of a faq or a premade online tutorial, a discussion group is not the first thing that comes to my mind.

In particular, I think there needs to be a link to the tutorials available when a person clicks the support tab. If there was a way to have a tutorials link somewhere on every page it would be even better.

I’ve notified webmasters to update the support pages.
But i think everything will be worked out allright when the stabile version will be released…

A link on every page?
I can try to reply on every post (as i have the link in my signature) but i don’t have anything usefull to say upon every new thread.

Some days ago, I’ve added a link on the forum FAQ since it’s the only part I can modify in the site

I will also add a sticky post in beginner and support sections

I just went to the support tab again and the online help is actually working again. Since the tutorial was working and the online help wasn’t working when I originally posted the first message in this thread, I thought it might be something important to bring up, but since it’s working now–well, I know what you mean by “everything will be worked out allright”.