Tutorial Videos?

hi all :) im a new user, and im very interested in seeing the beginners tutorial videos, but cant get them to download from either url just wondering if someone has a direct link i can get them from??

im coming from a logic/ableton live sort of background and im just having trouble getting into the mindset of how to work with trackers - it would be awesome to see someone building a track from scratch too, to see how they do it - youtube stuff maybe?

if anybody could give us a hand it would be much appreciated :)


Where should I start? For new Renoise users


yeh ive done a bunch of beginner stuff and ive downloaded the documentation etc… i mean how do you think i found the link to the videos in the first place :)

as i said though im coming from a background in left to right , cubase style, stock standard sequencing and i want to have a look at how people go about their workflow in trackers, which is why i really want to have a look at these beginner videos… however i cant download them… if somebody has them sitting on their hard drive and wouldnt mind sharing them with me?? or maybe im just doing something dumb and they should be working?? i dunno…

I’m currently uploading the videos to my own site (so try again later if you don’t get any data yet), i can’t do that on the Renoise site because of the webcrawlers that draw too much datatraffic from this.

But you may try http://www.vincentvoois.com/renoise/index.html
There are no “Advanced” topics, but clicking on the “Beginners (Quickstart)” should expand into a tree, though the mousepointer does not reveal this as a link.
The video is based on 1.5, however the basic introduction and the pattern editor basics still count.
You can skip the assembling instruments link and watch the videos regarding instruments right here:

We are busy with new video tutorials based upon the latest edition.

sweet as mate! thanks heaps

cant wait to start getting into it proper

2 YouTube Videos that display “Workflow” :


Have fun!

wicked thanks heaps guys