tutorials.renoise.com: Phaser DSP Description

just wanted to make a suggestion for tutorials.renoise.com:

the phaser function description can be found here: http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Audio_Effects#Phaser

if you read the text:

it is talking about ‘frequency’ when discussing the Floor&Ceiling parameters. for the LFO Rate parameter, the term ‘frequency’ is used again, but in a (somewhat) different context/meaning. i find this confusing. it would better to make it:

  • LFO Rate: Rate of the filter modulation

But frequency is a measure of how fast a signal oscillates and is therefore a correct way to describe the rate an LFO (Low Frequency oscillator), though i would understand the meaning of both terms, but i think it’s better as it is.

If you read carefully, you read that it is explaining the boundary of the frequency, not the frequency itself.

The first two options could perhaps be described differently this way:
Floor: Lower boundary of the filter modulation frequency
Ceiling: Upper boundary of the filter modulation frequency

It doesn’t however make it more or less correct though.

@vV: yeah what is there right now is, indeed, correct. i am merely noting the possible (newbie) confusion when reading about this. if you do not know what all these terms mean exactly, it could be an easy way to get confused. there is no need to use the term ‘frequency’ when you can also say ‘rate’, and ‘rate’ is also what the parameter is called.

I think you may misinterpret the meaning of ‘rate’ because that could just aswell be based on another parameter such as LPB or bpm.
It is measured in herz, a measurement that is not affected by any setting and therefore i think frequency is the most correct term.

but, why is the parameter called ‘LFO rate’ ?

That is not the essence of the issue here. (the term LFO itself is already quite ambiguous here as most LFO’s aren’t exactly “low-frequency” these days (20hz or lower))
The issue is that the word boundary is overlooked in the former part.
Frequency or rate imho are both good yet I don’t consider any of them making the first two option descriptions any more clearer whether it says frequency or rate.
It is simply a matter of careful reading.
If you do that, all the information is clearly distinguished.

i am going to be repeating myself as you did there, we discussed this a couple posts before. it does not matter, it was just a suggestion and as you keep an eye on these tutorials you have the final call. you feel this is clear enough for newbies, that’s okay. let’s agree to disagree on this, and good to at least have discussed it.

Nopes i don’t anylonger (i only make the cumshots nowadays). The descriptions are being done by Achenar (who is a native English speaker) since the past two years and i guess he knows the best what to write.
A lot of stuff is hard to grasp for newbies, but we still have wikipedia and google to the rescue and we have this fabulous community that supplies quite powerfull advises.
So we have a lot of compensations for minor lacks here and there.