Tv-stuff I Really Miss

…they all tried to “move” something big.

First of all, I miss “Lou Sheimers Ghostbusters” - those with that ugly gorilla and then there was this series which scared the hell out of me: Tripods
Which have been your “kid-time” favourites

!!! so i didn’t just fabricate this with my imagination. anytime i tell anyone about this show, they don’t believe me. but it’s true! i used to watch this

Yes yes, me too!!

I still remember the themesong:
“Let’s go, Ghostbuuuusters, let’s go… LET’S GO!!”

I miss these guys, too…

and anyone remember this dude?

or this, it was more than awesome…!! Greek Space Mythology!!

There’s only crap on these days, except South Park and Aqua Teen Hunger Force

I must admit, that I recently got my hands on the dvd edition… well, I don’t really find the storyline that appealing after the years but still, the soundtrack gets me going. :)

Arcadia or Les Mondes engloutis (as it’s also called)

Aaaah, c’est shagmique!

i can remember i didnt understand squat of what
they said, because they sendt it in the original
language (French) on childrens tv here i Norway.
but i loved it nevertheless!

heres the Theme music intro. Mesmerizing.

Nope. The storyline is completely different. The tripods are an alien race which implant a device on the head of the humans. In 2038 (not sure bout that) mankind is forced to live in a pre-industry-community. Those tripods are the rulers and if a person comes to a certain age the mindcontrolling device is implanted.

There are however some humans who do not want this device because it massively changes the way of “thinking”

Lets go Ghostbusters is available on VEOH. Oh and Saber Rider, too ;)

Get Smart was awesome. Oh, Max… And Nick Knatterton too.

The incedental music in Ulysses31 was f***ing TOP NOTCH

kossi knittaa

koessi thee kangaroo & his musical friends (1974)

this use to be cool when i wuz kid…

…but we´re now living in 21st century so -> i recom yuo to act like a rock star and do like i did.
throw your TV from balcony

i doesn´t need TV,
eye don´t need telly
,novadays they are just broadcasting crap.

//peace r0b

ps. anselmi avaruusapina was one ov my faw characters! :P

pps. pikku kakkonen (little two) was program for childrens showing kössi kenguru & käytös kukka and other cool shows like pelle hermanni. broadcasting by finnish national radio/television on channel 2

check out 3 different intros from past years. last, the third one they are still using. frikin tripppy isnt it

ppps. nostalgia, winter is coming. and winter time after pikku kakkonen show they always aired this teach about frosty lakes…you mayby knew or didnt but finland is land of thousands ov lakes.
…and yes, i remember it was frikin scary. i learned my lesson.

I´m definatly going to rewatch “Once upon a time…In space” with my son when he is 6-7 years old :)