Twenty Knives

DISCLAIMER: This is not my music. Looks like this guy uses Renoise and Logic in tandem from what I gather from this video:

he has an album on hymen now (vsnares, enduser) but his music sounds kind of like warp recordseses stuff:


Anyways, really interesting/catchy shit.

Wow, that really is some catchy shit! Thanks for the find, man!

twenty knives is a fucking BOSS! He used to go under the alias Pale.

And where do you hide your stuff Captin if i may ask so? (considering you’re a long time renoise user)

track linkey

I work at a recording studio on long island NY w/ a buddy. We (it’s only 2 of us) mostly produce other people, but I’ve done a few electronic tracks for shits and giggles like the one above from a couple years back. We do A LOT of indie rock, which I’m not wild about, but I get to use renoise to do some cool edits and sound design when it’s called for. EVery so often I will try and make some techno. :yeah:

Respect to 20k

Was hooked after hearing the holy mountain ep.