Twilight Dreaming

Download Mp3: Twilight Dreaming

Done quickly over two afternoons, this is a “off the cuff” remix for the Nine Inch Nail community remix project. You can find out more about this at - but in brief: the multi-track files have been made available for free so that anyone can have a go at mixing their very own version of a NIN track. I have chosen “In This Twilight” off the Year Zero album. Not much to say about this one, I just tried to do this as intuitively as possible. This is mostly effects engineering with some different chords - there is only one additional synth (Chimera) I added to obtain the high drone.

The remix has been uploading into the NIN remix community website, so you can review it here.

Nicely done, Foo.

Very surreal, and more emotion in this mix than the original. I especially liked the ending though, so relaxing.

NIN remix is such an awesome idea. I was messing around with the “solo” in Me I’m Not, extending it past a minute and adding better drumming one night…I had good plans for it though.

It’ll be fun to mess with his songs in the months to come. The community site is looking good, I should join soon.

Very nice, I especially like the slicing of the vocals and low-key squelching stuff. The different chords lend it a different yet familiar feel. I have rated you a 92. :walkman:

Woohoo thanks for the rating Achenar!

Are you reg’d on the site too… Goes to look for Achenar now

Yeah, I got up on there the day it was released: Achenar on If you wanna advertise your track more, there’s an appropriate thread here on the ETS forums: