For alll you youngsters… and people like me, who never bothered to watch twin peaks when it first was aired… you have to see this tv-serie… its so incredible…

Everything… acting, camera, clip, music… …perfect

I’ve seen seperate episodes before and always said to my self that “this is something I need to see more of”… well finnaley I did… and I’m overwehlmded, Angelo Badalamenti’s soundtrack is so perfect I wanna cry…

You’re commiting a crime against your self if you live your life without watching twin peaks… =)

Also, (like always) it will help you open your heart to the full experience if you are under the influende of alcohol… like I was. =)

I’ve watched it several times, and I can’t say I am that imperessed. I watched a few episodes when it first came in the beginning of the 90th. A few years later I was forced by friends to watch every episode of the first season cause if I did they told me “you would love it”. I didn’t… I can’t realy get the concept of series… like twin peaks, x-files, seinfield, friends… series like everybody likes… exept me ;)
I’ve been forced by friends to watch all these series cause they think I would start to love them only if I watch them much enough. but I do not realy dislike any of the series (exept from Seinfied, that jerk realy makes me puke ;)), I think they are pretty okay, but I can’t realy get that obesssion like everybody else seems to have ;)

not everyone loves seinfeld… I actually find him rather annoying, with his high-pitched voice and his… well, seinfeldity… ick… though I like most of the other characters… george is cool ;)

Well I think Seinfeldt is a genious, I started watching seinfeldt 2 years before any one here in sweden even know what is was :)

But the first episodes are the best…

I love Seinfeld, although they’ve played the series soo many times you know them all by now. And George is really the best! Especially I like the episode when he realizes everything he does turns out wrong, so he starts doing the opposite of what he thinks. That’s when he says the best pick-up line ever: “Hi, my name is George, I’m unemployed and live with my parents” and it works! :)

Funny thing the character George is made after a real person also named Costanza who has sued Seinfeld for stealing his personality!

Pretty funny that this discussion turned out to be more of a Seinfeld discussion rather than a Twin Peaks discussion :rolleyes: i guess it is my fault :ph34r: sorry :P

When I read “Twin Peaks” I thought about clipping in the left and right channel though this is the off-topic. Now you can blame me for changing the subject :)

Yes, this is getting “off topic” :rolleyes: