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I have now officially moved to , since dividing between music(, photography) and “other” may be convenient for you, but too much of a headache for me :wacko: I’ll try to make the tweeted info more informative though, showing at least the file type.


^^^new twitt@ address!!!

New twitter address:

Peace out!

I’ve got a new one too for Stormformer Productions. See my sig.

I’m fairly music focused on my twitter account actually, not many rl friends apart from those in the music industry and the alikes. Would be fun to add a few more renoisers though!

Twitter: @evermind_nb


mine is

But I am not like the most active person on it ^^

I finally jumped on this silly bandwagon. It took me a few weeks of back and forth to reclaim the username from a random dude that was squatting there, but it’s mine now.

Kaizoku mostly retweets and other random stuff

I’m going to follow all of you. My Twitter.!/andreasjanke

errrm… yup…