Two Features

btw, nice job on the new manual… the way this is going you must be well
on your way realizing your masterplan… (whatever it may hold)

two suggestions,

PatternEdit - Highlight every x line
This is no biggie but I would really like the option of saving this with each Rns… I stumble over this constantly and since I work on quite a few songs/snippets with different time-signatures and sometimes leave them to hang for several weeks it can be a wee bit confusing coming back to them when the line count doesn’t match up with the signature…

SampleEditor - selection of a range
It would be nice to be able to make multiple selections that can be cut, copied and pasted.
I saw the need for this when trimming and applying fade in/ fade out on some 40-50 samples. couldn’t fade in/fade out at the start and end of a sample be made as a preset-button much like DCadjust/Half/maximize/smooth? because there isn’t many bytes needed to get rid of those annoying small clicks that occur when the start/end of the sample isn’t on the DCline…
rambling on… user defined multiple selections as saveable presets?;
e.g selection1=fade in; selection2=half+reverse;selection3=maximize;selection4=fade out… execute and bob’s your dads brother… perfect for those tedious, repetetive tasks on a big set of simillar samples…

any of this making any sense?

yes, it does, especially this dc-click-removal thing in the sampleeditor.
the problem with mulitple highlights might be how to make that possible with key/mouse combinations (shift ?). do you know any sample program which does that ?

well, since shift, alt and ctrl is taken for ‘speed-scroll’, ‘zoom-scroll’ etc maybe a combination of them… or… maybe a gradient scale on top/bottom of the sample window(or in the middle of stereo-samples)… and if you drag the mouse there it makes a selection without removing the old one… further, if you click the right mouse-button within this bar a pop-up requester lets you define the action to be applied… hmm, rambling again :rolleyes: but I think there could be plenty of uses for multiple selections…

nope, I haven’t seen it in any sample-program Ive used but Im sure the feature must exist… maybe in some hardware sampler?

I know one program which is supporting multiple selections, its a prog where you can directly cut in mp3 files, but :

its rather useless, its like making single selections anyway. its simply like you make a selection until its right (because you can always select too much or too less), then you kinda “confirm” the selection, then make the next one and so on, and finally you click the cut button soo all selections get cutted. the point is that its not at all different from the usual method, because it does not matter if you cut a selection or confirm a selection and cut it afterwards (the workflow is nearly the same). the reason why they did this is because it takes some amount of time to cut the mp3 files and they implemented to so you dont have to wait for the cut action to be completed after every selection-making-progress.

I actually did thought about this too a while ago, not only for renoise but also for sample-programs in general, and I just decided for myself that its of no use at all.

or that you don’t have any use for it… ;) but editing a batch of, say, 50 samples in exactly the same way, cutting each 2 times, applying three “effects” on different sections of the sample and pasteing in data in one selection would be f**cking tedious and take more time than pressing a preset-button… but then again…