Two Instances Of Renoise On One Computer?

Once I saw doormouse playing live and he had two desktop computers hooked up to a dj mixer and he played them like turntables, cuing one up with headphones while the other played out loud. I would like to get the same result using two instances of renoise on one computer.

I was thinking of buying one of these dj audio interfaces from native instruments that is two outs and sending each one to a channel on a dj mixer. and running two instances of renoise and sending each to its own channel.…/dj/audio-2-dj/

I dont know if the two instances could share this audio interface?

Not sure if there would be any way to mix the two channels inside the computer and send out one out and use the second one to monitor, that way I wouldnt need a hardware mixer.

Any suggestions?

For Windows:
Audio wise, with DirectSound, this might not pose a problem.
When using ASIO, that depends on the soundcard. Most ASIO drivers don’t allow to be shared by more than one audio application at the same time.

Midi-wise, i think you will have to mingle with MidiYoke.

For Mac i have no idea.
And i don’t know if those devices are supported on Linux.

I guess two single out interfaces might make more sense actually.

I have a solution for you.

By two laptop computers and have Renoises in those both.
Hook those computers to DJ mixer, and there you have it.

You can connect those computers to 2 channel DJ mixer by just 2 simple cables,
directly from those 3.5 mm outputs.

Just make sure, that you connect those computers to the mixers “line” inputs.

What do you think?