Two Instances Of Renoise On Osx

I am messing around with live ideas from playing two instances of renoise, and just crossfading each one in and out.
This works quite well on osX, and I can keep each one on a separate screen / space, and switch between them with spaces ctrl + arrow and use keyboard shortcuts on different ones. I can run line in through my Soundcard and potentially, I could have another input like pd or something on a third space, and run that in as well.

So I’m quite happy with this set up, but one of the things I would like is to be able to keep them separate. I mean I would like the one on the left screen to always have one theme, and the one of the right to have another, etc.

At the moment, I have to set each one up before I start. I was wondering if there’s a way have like a renoise 1, and a renoise 2. And i can set them up with different, i dunno, is program files the right word?

i was looking through the info.plist file, and wondering if i could change something so instead of both pointing to the same folder (mac hd/library/application support/renoise maybe???) I could edit something to point to (mac hd/library/application support/renoise2).

Actually this just got me thinking, that if this is possible, i could have like 5 instances of renoise in 5 different spaces, and just move between them, stopping and starting, bringing each one in and out on a different knob on a midi controller.

Either start Renoise multiple times in the terminal (PATH_TO_RENOISE/ or duplicate the “” multiple times in the finder, then finder will allow you to open each duplicate…

hi taktik!

I haven’t tried the terminal answer, so maybe I’m misunderstanding here, but I’ve already duplicated the file in the finder and it works fine.

It’s just if I change something in one, the midi, audio set up, theme, etc, then close them both down.
When I open either one again, they both have the most recent changes made, if that makes sense. Like they’re both pointing to the same file for information. (you obviously know much more about whether they are or not.)

Oh, sorry. Looks like I was too fast here. No, theres no way to have separate config files for multiple running instances. the version number used internally is not read from the plist but compiled into Renoise…

ah rats, oh well.

I guess that means i just have to set it up manually each time, no worries.

Would this work with different versions though?
like 2.1 has a different config to 2.0?

I am really enjoying using renoise with spaces, currently having 3 different versions full screen, flicking between them easily. Dead fun.

Yes, this would work.


What happened to the referral to the topic where some created a batch script to have dual copies of setups and using the batch script to start Renoise on screen one and renoise on screen two for instance? (by simply copying a presaved oneconfig.xml and twoconfig.xml to the config.xml before starting renoise)…19217&st=25

How would this be for Mac?

Ummm, what are you talking about? The script you linked does no such thing?

I was wondering that too.

Based on what you and tactic said, I wouldn’t have thought it was possible to run a script to load a different config file, but maybe it is?

Unless that link is a standard disclaimer before posting a workaround.

No it doesn’t, i couldn’t find the topic where someone did posted a similar solution.
Basically all you need to do is keep different config.xml copies under the name that you want to use them for. Then you simply copy that specific xml file to config.xml and you boot up Renoise.
I believe you can even include window positions (related to dual monitor setup), but i no longer can test this. (gave my second display away to a friend in need)
So why shouldn’t this work to start up two Renoise environments under the same version?