Two Monitors

I’m a person who works with two monitors. is it possible to split renoise up to two monitors ? lets say, pattern editor to the left and instrument editor to the right for example ?
right now, I can resize the window so that it fits over both screens, but then the instrument editor for example is stretched and the middle is “between” the two monitors, and this way I cant work. :(

I thought about this as well.

I’ve read about some plans to make it possible to rearrange the renoise gui layout, meaning to specify where the different tabs like sample-editor, pattern-editor, Diskop, etc. reside. But it will definatly not be in 1.3 …

So heres my idea to the multi monitor problem: It would be great, if I could even specify a new window in this system to dock my favorite gui controls, while having the main window contain fullscreen pattern data.

So question is: would this be possible in some future version ? martinal, taktik ?


two monitor support…As a possible registered users only featrure?? :P martinal, taktik ??

Or what about 3 screens, with a continuous pattern editor? Wow.