Two patches to share

For some, there’s a love of OPL3 FM synthesis (hopefully not just me). So, I’ve been fiddling around with the Milkywave waveform generator. It produces really pretty FM sounds, very OPL3. Yet, there was something missing for me. A sense of moment, however subtle it is, that the samples just couldn’t seem to produce. Never stopped me from using them, they’re still really neat for all kinds of stuff.

Today, I read about a Drawbar organ patch. Drawing from the idea, but not with pitch, I decided to use the Milkywave synth to generate “noise” samples as musical notes. They’re not noise, they’re pleasant tones. Using the “Loggy” noise generator, I produced 6 samples, each one with extra cycles within the 168 sample limit. Still musical, just additional harmonics.

I took those samples, each one has it’s own LFO, each LFO goes twice as fast as the sample before it. All slow LFO cycles, just for volume modulation. With all six samples each having their own LFO, and each sample having more harmonics than the next, you get a pad that has movement, “shimmer”, and the capability to turn each one up or down in volume to create all types of OPL3 pad sounds. Combined with a filter and a Lofimat for additional texture, you have a nice FM pad sound. Not true FM, but as close as I could get to a sound from my memories of 1995 using Cakewalk on my computer.

I took the same patch and took away the attack, for a playable piano-esque sound. Hope you can use 'em!

Micro-FM Evolving Pad.xrni (5.7 KB)
Micro-FM Evolving.xrni (5.7 KB)

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Thanks for sharing my friend

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