Two questions about sample editing in Sampler...

Hi, folks!

  1. Tell me pleaseIs it possible to select Slice Markers with keyboard?


  1. Next one is…


To answer your second question first: because you have sliced your sample. In this mode the slices themselves are read only (hence why the sample is darkened/ghosted), you would have to modify the ‘main sample’ C-4, or, destructively render out the slices, then modify those. (I’m just guessing a little here as I don’t work with sliced samples myself :slight_smile: )

First question: Probably with a tool using this function:[].samples[].slice_markers


Interface wise I’m not sure as you also would want it very keyboard driven.

(Higher calibre tool writers such as Danoise or Ledger would be better to answer this however :slight_smile: )

Thanks mate! But issue with markers… Anyway already new good things :slight_smile: