Two Same Notes And Renoise Plays The First One Only

Hi! I´ve been using renoise for few months now and there is this thing that has been bugging me.

When using some vst-plugins (ie Minimogue or Rez 2.0) and I put the same note in the same column renoise plays just the first one. How could I avoid this?


C-5 <- played as it should

C-5 <- totally ignored

If I put STOP between them they are both played fine.


I think that this behavior is related to the setting of the vsti.
But if you want to delimit the first sound surely, you can input Fx command(note cut after x ticks) in Volume or Panning column just before the second note.

For example,


— f5<- (if the speed is 6)

does disabling Minimoog’s portamento solve this? I bet it does.

Really good emulation of a monophonic Minimoog i gues?

If a synths is monophonic, you can only play one note at a time . . .

Offcourse you have lot’s of settings for the behaviour of the synth like:

  • What note will be played if you press two at a time? (High or low prio?)
  • Will the pitch slide to the pitch of the next note?
  • Will the pitch slide if you press to notes at once?

sp: Is there a “hold” button on the synth? Maybe that’s the problem, otherwise like IT-Alien said, turn off porta.