Two Samples In Instrument Box, How To Combine Into Two-Sample Instrume

two samples in instrument box, how to combine into two-sample instrument map? (bd/sn)

I’m finding it slightly confusing. I’ve been working on a remix that’s due and just realized that it’d be decent to try and re-do beats during the remix and thought to want to combine two sounds into one drumkit so could use these mpkmini pads to play-in. but then i realized i don’t know how to combine two samples into one keymap instrument like that. how do i do it, please?

Please explain what you mean better. Would looking at other XRNIs maybe help you? There are a few packaged with Renoise and a whole tonne more available from Backstage.

So you just want a Snare and a Bass Drum, not a whole drum kit?

Do you want them on different keys, so you can play each drum on a pad of your MPKMini? If so assign each one to the relevant key within the Sample Keyzones

Adding them to the Sample list, in the Instrument Settings area and then hitting Drum Kit after specifying the correct starting note will probably do it for you. You can work out what notes the pads play by hitting them with this window open and seeing which notes trigger.

all i wanted to do was find a way of creating a 3rd instrument out of instrument box1 content (sample#1) and instrument box2 content (sample#2) . so that instrument box3 entry would have sample#1 as keyzone-lowest and sample#2 as keyzone-highest (for instance in this case, c2 kick c#2 snare, just as an example).
so a recombination of two separate samples into one instrument box entry.

Jenoki on EsperNet #Renoise suggested copying a sample from sample_editor and pasting it to instrument_settings->sample->new empty slot created with (+). It seemed to work.
Are there other ways of doing this?

Think that’s about the only way.

Instrument #1 > Instrument Settings > Right-click sample in Sample List: Cut.
Instrument #2 > Instrument Settings > Press + to add a new empty sampleslot: Right-click: Paste.

now you have both samples combined in Instrument #2. of course for a new instrument the same system would apply.

it seems a bit tedious, and i’d like to somehow be able to drag instruments onto each other to combine them or something, but that might be a disaster with complex multi-sampled instruments: how to combine them?
at least this method is a lot more straightforward than Jenoki’s ‘workaround’.

Which Jenoki workaround are you referring to?
Yeah I already know how to use the sample_editor, instrument mapping and sample_box to move around samples inside instruments. I was hoping there was a more clever way of combining an instrument_with_1_sample with an instrument_with_1_sample so it’s instrument_with_2_samples_in it without having to do the cutting pasting moving around stuffs.