Two Small Annoyances/questions

Hey I’ve been messing with the demo and had 2 questions:

  1. Your active bar, that has your current tick/beat that you’re editing, it seems like renoise makes the vertical size of the area pretty big, is there anyway I can make that as small as the rest of the bars?

  2. In the sequencer there are these ovals next to the boxes with pattern numbers, which when selected, seems to govern the loop of patterns being played, is there anyway I can select/deselect the oval next to the pattern I currently working on with key commands?


    • I don’t understand what area you describe here. “Current tick/beat” i assume you mean “speed / BPM” but i can’t place you remark about that particular area anywhere. “Vertical bar”?
  1. There are no shortcut keys for tagging the arranger-loop buttons. But simply click and drag will enable the loop-buttons faster than you could by hand and disabling them all is similar to double-clicking any random one near your mousepointer.

Maybe he’s referring to the center bar which you can see is a bit taller than the other pattern rows.

I think he wants this:

To be more like this:

There’s a whopping 8 pixels of extra space - 4 above, 4 below - around the center bar, compared to the normal pattern rows, heh. 10 pixels if you use the big font. Either way it’s hardly cause for alarm in my opinion but everybody is different I suppose.

Try the right-control and right-shit buttons. One plays the pattern with pattern loop on, the other plays with the loops off but I can’t remember which way round.

Personally I think a single button to toggle it on and off, and not then playing from the start of the pattern when you hit it, would be a far neater solution.