Two small ideas: 1. No-DSP sample prehear. 2. Instr. prehear toggle.

  1. Very small feature request:

Now we have two sample prehear options (in the waveform editor):

  1. Prehear on Master
  2. Prehear on Selected rack

It would be very useful to have another one:
3) Prehear without DSP – which would mean: prehear with the same output Master uses but with maximum volume [maybe minus standard track headroom] and without any DSP effects.

Rationale: when I work with a sample itself, most often I want to focus on its plain sound, without any DSP additions.

  1. Another idea: instrument prehear toggle button – if turned on, all played notes are sent directly to the same output that Master uses (and/or outputs explicitly set in the instrument) but without any DSP effects other than the internal instrument’s FX & modulation.

Placement: somewhere near the piano keyboard? Or maybe near the top of the screen? (as it should be a global toggle rather than a per-instrument one).

Rationale: it is highly desirable to distinguish instrument-DSP influence from track-DSP influence (on the sound I produce).

Maybe you can find use for this tool in the meantime;

(dunno if it auto-updates correctly, works in 3.0?).

Thanx Djeroek for information about the tool. :)

Unfortunatelly it seems that this tool does not work properly with Renoise 3.0.b3 (e.g. I was able to bypass all effects globally – but then could not turn them on globally).

Also it’s only a workaround, useful but not perfect (especially when I have most devices turned on and several devices turned off – then such global switching is not sufficient).