two small things

  1. If I send a track to a sendtrack and choose “mute source”, the wavedisplay in the oscilloscopes disappear. I know thats the way its meant to be, but either get osc’s for the sendtracks aswell, or please still draw the waves of the track which is sent to the sendtrack, because I often need this visual feedback on the sound ;)

  2. Is it possible that the wavebuffer is not cleared before I render a song ?
    If I click on render while some track is still playing a reverb or delay or whatever, I have it in my rendered song at the beginning. Also I accidently touched a key of my midi-keyboard when I was rendering and I had that note in my rendered track aswell … so maybe you should shut down the MIDI-In too when rendering.

i prefer shut down everything except internal engine when rendering, because all these visuals slow down rendering a lot…