Two Songs Done In Renoise

I’ve got two new songs posted that are done entirely in renoise. They’re definitely a lot different than most types of songs i’ve listened to from here, which you can take however you want, doesn’t mean they’re GOOD, just different. lol

They’re available for free download here:

Ive been using renoise for maybe 7 months now? But I mostly use it for another project that I’m doing with a friend of mine, but I’ve been working more and more on all of my other projects within renoise now and love it more and more every day, and finally I have a few finished products. All that aside, I’m up for some critiques, as long as you bare in mind, I have very odd tastes and ideas. ;)

-The Icarus Descent-

I like them. To me they dont work alone, but when combined with something dark/creepy visual, ie. digging in dark caves at minecraft, they really add to the brown trousers factor and make it way more intresting.

thanks. and that was actually the point, they were written for a soundtrack that accompanies a book of poetry about the afterlife. there was another song as well, but i didn’t want to post them all at once, and the other was much more long and soundscape-y and didn’t use renoise. though you’re probably right that a visual aspect would be even better than the reading and trying to listen concept. i wish i still knew people who did good video work, that’d be something fun to do…