Two Suggestions

Hello, when using Renoise, the best music making program ever, I just thought about 3 things that could be cool :

  1. I don’t understand why it isn’t possible to route a VSTi’s output to a sendtrack (track with only effects or how is that called). Would be very often very useful and would make more sense.
  2. A pattern command for “stop for X miliseconds/ticks/quarterbeats” or something like that would be cool. Maybe Wxxx (W as wait)?
  3. Doubleclicking on effect commands part of a track would open a window where you chose what pattern command you want to insert and what value it will have. Would be usefull for people which are not used to hex and don’t remeber all commands. ModPlugTracker does it, I don’t know why Renoise doesn’t.

So that’s it. Thank you if have any comments. Have a nice day :)

  1. route the VST to a track which sends to the sendtrack

  2. FDxx stops pattern scrolling for xx lines

  3. in my opinion, it looks a nice idea initially, but it’s actually better to learn putting commands “the hard way”, and after having done it, you will never use your suggested helper again.

Ok, thank you, didn’t know about FDxx :).
But to 1) Is there any reason why can’t be routed a VSTi to a sendtrack? Because it would be a lot cleaner that way.
and 3) I think it could be useful especialy because not much people can think in hex values (I usualy use a PC calculator or just try putting values until a get a result I want)

I don’t know for sure, but it may be because of a distinction in nature between standard and send tracks inside Renoise code. this does not mean that it is not possible to add such a feature, but maybe it has never been made because of one or more among these reasons:

a] it would take much time to be implemented
b] no one has asked it before
c] there is a simple workaround for this, after all
d] can’t be made at all

I think the reason is a]: send tracks come logically after standard ones in the mix and this could cause a problem when routing instruments to them. Of course I may be wrong.

by the way: do you know of any software which allows for this? I’m almost a Renoise-only user, so I’m asking it simply to understand if there is a way other softwares do this.

if you can’t think in hex, practice till you can. it’s not that hard, after a while it comes naturally. just hang in there.

at least when working with 4/4 time signatures, decimal line numbering is a NO NO NO. hex is the only way to go ;)

I think at least I have asked for direct routing to send track to use it as a group track/bus.

Normal tracks work exactly the same as send tracks as far as applying effects go. Send tracks have no column to enter notes so how could you play any instruments or samples directly on a Send track? if all the OP wants to do is apply effects to a VSTi why not do that in its normal track, rather than routing it to a Send track first? Only really need to use Send tracks when you are wanting to effect multiple normal tracks with the same effects/together (or using complex routing for various effects.)

Double click is and should remain highlight block. Somebody did a nice little crib sheet for pattern commands you should be able to find if you search. I have suggested that the Pattern Commands link in the Help menu should be to a local file, not the website which is just silly, and that could help you some.

Ok, I understand, let’s see if rounting to sendtracks will get implemented :) . I too don’t or didn’t use any other software so I don’t know…

Well, I’m triying to get used to hex but it’s difficult :P

for the patterncommands, print out this page:

Also, you don’t necessarily need to know hex to input values across a column. If you know the minimum and maximum values you want to use (for example ramp up the volume from minimum 0 to maximum 80) , you can automatically fill in between the limits using the advanced editor interpolation functions (lin/log). Just mouse select the first till last value and press these functions.