Two Tracks From My Album

Achenar - Survive Yourself

The blending of traditional orchestral instruments and vocal harmonies together with samples, electronics, harsher vocals and piercing guitars for the finale, make this one of the most ambitious songs of the album.

Achenar - Avalanche Of Fire

The huge, overdriven sound of guitars, bass, drums and vocals mesh with additional samples and instruments, creating the most ‘metal’ song of the album. This song captures the power of the genre without dealing too specifically with it’s traditional instrumentation.

The songs may sound different from each other, but they make sense within the context of the album, which has an even greater breadth of sound than is represented here. The overall goal is to combine both traditional and contemporary elements into one cohesive whole, as individual songs and as an album.

survive yourself –
pretty dark almost industrial sounding stuff. the vocals that start coming in around 1:45 sound really great, i like the harmony… but the level seems too low. wish i could hear them better.
there’s a lot of distortion going on in the background synths… sounds like my speakers are melting. nice climax at the end

avalanche of fire –
awesome distorted beat. some really cool rhythms going on with the distortion here, at the beginning and at the part around 1:20. alexstrain, louis, you breakcore guys should check this out.
the song sounds disturbingly empty without a bassline though.
again the vocals could be louder. they’re very fear factory sounding. and that’s a great thing, i love fear factory’s vocals.

pretty interesting stuff. what genre is this considered?

I’m the type who likes to hear everything that’s going on at all times and not have the vocals sit on top of everything when they’re present. So, they’re mixed a bit lower than most music. They do stand out better on headphones, though.

As for the bass on Avalanche, it’s there, it’s just really, really low. I wrote the riffs using the Slayer VST, then sampled them and pitched them down. So it doesn’t stand out very well, but I was more concerned with getting crushing overall sound than anything else.

And genre… I have no idea. Industrial seems to fit for the most part, but the album also delves into noise, classical and dark ambient.

Thanks for the feedback!

Survive Yourself

A really great song with very nice vocals! I like all that distortion in the background, that’s my cup of tea, makes the whole thing more “dirty”. Reminds me a bit of epic film music.

Avalanche Of Fire

Ha, reminds me of some stuff from a cd called “The End Of The Fear Of God”, very aggressive atmosphere, i really like the part, where the piano comes in. Great!