Two Triphop Songs

I’m new to soundcloud and never embedded anything before, so i’ll try this.

These are pre renoise tracks made in cubase. Offcourse some feedback would be welcome :)
Since I just bought renoise I haven’t got a renoise song yet, but this will be soon and will be a psytrance track.
Thanks for listening!

I wouldn’t really label them as trip-hop maybe, psy-dub probably would be closer. Sounds a lot like Shpongle, awesome work on both tracks and especially the second one.

Man both track are massive. Never mind gene. Love it going into favorites.

Thanks guy’s :)
Maybe psy dub is better indeed, never heard of that…

For me 1st is triptop too, second psybient.

Great stuff, Thomas :yeah:

Love the sound of your vocalist’s voice, fits perfectly with the mood.
Got some nice good ol’ Massive Attack & Lamb vibes while listening to this, not because it was too similar, it’s just the general mood I guess.

liked the second track best, good stuff.

Thanks, really motivates :)