Typing In Effect Column


I’m trying to type effects in the effect column but when I’m typing a ‘0’ it just skips the line to the next one.
I cán type 1 till 9 and the letters but with the ‘0’ it just skips.
When I typ an ‘f’ for instance the effect will say “F000”, but if im trying to change the F tot a 0 it just clears the whole line and skips to the next one…

Anybody any ideas? :(

it’s exactly as it should be.

the command columns gets cleared because you are trying to change the first digit to 0 when there is no other digit used.


^ change this digit to 0

to change this behaviour in a way that zeroes do not get cleared:

edit => preferences => GUI => Pattern editor => uncheck “hide 0’s in effect columns”

if you don’t want the cursor to skip to the next line, set editstep to 0, see edit step

Ah so you basicly need to start typing from right to left if you want it to start with a ‘0’ :)

Well, you don’t need to start anywhere in particular. If there is ---- in the effect column, it means the same as 0000, but the 0’s are just hidden. When you type something in there, the hidden 0’s will appear. If you make all the numbers 0 again, it will turn back to ----. It’s just to make it easy on the eyes, it doesn’t have any other function.

Also, it will always skip to the next row regardless of where you type and what, unless you set editstep to zero. I usually don’t bother with turning the edistep to 0 though, but instead edit entire columns in one go, instead of rows. So when inputting e.g. a lot of 9xx commands after each other I first hold down 9, page up, move right, type the first effect digit for all rows, then back up and start typing the second digit for all rows.

This is a lot faster for me.


New here, and trying renoise out…I was just about to ask, how and what is the best way to enter effectnumbers! But gave up last night, and decided to give it another shot 2day…But this info i will give a try 2day…Was trying to experiment with the 09xx offset function…The one thing that i did notice, is that in the sample editor, you have a ruler at the bottom that can be used as a guide for the offset values, kind of cool!