Typing In Values

Hi, been learning renoise over the past few days and going through the tutorials. A few quick questions:

  1. Typing values has been hard to grasp for me. For one, why does it jump to the next line when you type a single character? Why doesn’t allow you to finish the value? Is there an advantage to this? Is it advisable to disable this feature (if that’s even possible)?

  2. Typing zero ( for instance 09 for sample offset) again causes the pattern editor to jump a line. I cannot enter any value beginning with a zero because it just skips the line. Thoughts?


You can set the amout of lines that will be skipped on the bottom of the pattern editor. Also, you should imagine that the standard value is 0000, so typing 0 doesn’t change anything. If you want the 09 effect just type the 9 on the second digit.

edit: the advantage of skipping lines is for instance that you can quicky punch in a kickdrum on every 8th line by just setting the lines to skip to 8 and bash the key on which you have the kickdrum on. If you want the same effect on every kickdrum you can then just do the exact same thing on the effect lines.

make sure the value of the “edit step” is set to zero if you don’t want it to jump to the next line (using Ctrl/cmd + a number at the top row of the keyboard will make it possible to easily change that value).

more about it here:

Although you can never have it moving to the right, you still need to move across with the arrow button.

Have suggested a -1 option where the cursor does move right across the track for each button press but didn’t get much attention.

I like the idea of having the option of sending the cursor to the right, but maybe just have a modifier key that you hold down (errr… left shift? Don’t think that does much in the editor)