u-he Hive Test

If you have any feedback about this song or on how I can take my sound design to the next level, please let me know :walkman:

Edit: Deleted, got a bit depressed after listening to the Hive One Synth Challenge and how much better they are (lol).

Don’t be too hard on yourself, we all start somewhere. Also “better” is subjective and open to taste.


My pleasure.

I think I know exactly what that feels like.

I am often very self critical and although holding oneself to a high standard can be beneficial, it can also be destructive.

We all need encouragement, we also bring something into this world that transcends any language.

No matter what you create, there is always an audience. No matter what music you share, there are always ears that wish to hear it.

Try not to associate any shame at all with the creative process, you are tapping into something that I think is higher than our mortal self.

Find contentment in doing the best you could at that particular moment, it will help you to move forward and grow.

Embrace creativity in all its facets and you will find fulfillment that is truly unique to an artist. For you are an artist and as an artist you will put part of yourself into each work, whether by choice or unknowingly.

To share this is the greatest gift of all, for you have given out part of yourself and you deserve to hold your head high.

This also goes for any one this forum or who ever may be reading. Your contribution on any level is incalculable.

You are of immeasurable worth.

You are needed.

We say everything that cannot be spoken or expressed by language. We bring colour into a world that would otherwise be mono-tonal…