u-he Repro-5 beta -- not displaying correctly

I installed the v1.1 beta version of u-he’s Repro-5 plugin (VST2/64bit/Win), and in Renoise it looks like this. It displays correctly in Reaper. Is this an issue on the end of Renoise or the plugin? It’s a public beta, if anyone else wants to test it (download link).

Repro-1 and Repro-5 are both displaying correctly here in both Renoise 3.1 and 3.1.1, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Running Windows 10 Home here with everything fully up to date.

Have you tried to mess with Repro’s preferences to change the GUI size and things like that? Maybe something helps to reset things back to normal.

I figured out what causes it. My Windows display settings are set to 125% scaling, but in the compatibility options for Renoise I checked the high-dpi scaling override because Renoise doesn’t scale well. If I allow scaling by Windows, the plugin is displayed correctly. My other u-he plugins (Hive, Bazille and the free ones) don’t behave this way (they are drawn correctly even if Renoise overrides the scaling), so I suspect it may be an issue with the plugin, not Renoise?

We’ll have to try and take a look at the scaling thing.

I can’t replicate the problem here even if I set my Windows scaling to 125% like you, but I also just have a 1920x1080 laptop screen and not a 4k Hi-DPI display or anything like that.

Could be something with the plugin since it’s beta, but I would guess that u-he probably has all these major GUI issues figured out by now, and that his GUI framework is quite mature and shared by all recent products.

Worth reporting to u-he at the very least. We’ve given him and his guys copies of Renoise in the past, so they can at least test it quite easily.

I posted about it on their KVR forum, perhaps it is something on their end. Since their other plugins (at least the ones I have) don’t have this issue in Renoise, I’m hopeful that it’s something they can fix. This happen at 2560x1440, graphics card is a GeForce 980ti. I’ll post an update when/if Urs or one of his guys responds. :slight_smile: