[???] U-He Tyrell N6 Vst Renders Slightly Ahead Of Beat

Not a major issue but just noticed this when doing some rendering. Tried Tyrell in another host and it rendered on beat so maybe a Renoise thing? Tried another selection of VST’s on my system and everything else rendered as expected.

turn of úse static processing buffers

Thanks. It’s still about 15 samples early but I guess that’s good enough.

Tried rendering a few Tyrell presets here and they all started perfectly - with no offset.
There of course may be a few samples nearly silent with an attack on the volume. Which preset(s) have you guys tried?

The one I showed is “noisefactory - Metallic NF”.

Same here tyrell renders perfectly , but some plugins introduce some latency of a few ms.when static processing is on

cytone: Do you have PDC enabled in Renoise? PDC is also needed while rendering in order to compensate latencies of plugins.

Yes it’s enabled:

PDC is enabled

— Song’s total/max generator latency: 16 Samples (0.36 ms) —
Instrument(‘TyrellN6’) -> 16 Samples (0.36 ms)

Active instrument compensation delays:

— Song’s total/max FX latency: 0 Samples (0.00 ms) —

Active track compensation delays:

I’ve been doing some more testing with my VST collection and some render with almost no offset, some are a bit late most likely to slower envelopes. There was only one other that came in about 10 samples early and that was CM Dominator, another freebie one.
I’m not too concerned about this but its strange that its only on my system.