I had UAD-1 about year ago with Renoise, but it didnt work correctly. It causes delay to tracks where it was inserted.
So, hows it working novadays with RNS? Is there still problems with delay, or something similar?
If it works fine, maybe I just go and buy it again <_<

Anyone? Or do someone have similar DSP card, like Powercore?

that UAD cards costs as much as computer so…
… i dont have one :)

Thought I had read somewhere that they still aren’t working so well, but thought somebody a bit surer would of answered by now.

/me also can’t afford one ;)

You get UAD Project Pack for ~350 euros. Its not that much for such a great piece of hardware, imho

I’ll have to install 1.51 in the studio before i can tell you, but it shure as hell didn’t work with 1.5. Still runing 1.281 in the studio, couse it seems to work just fine in that version. The delay with the uad plugs are caused by the pcibus, but can be fixed by using the delaycomp plug on the uneffected tracks. I think it’s worth the hassle of setting up the tracks, since the uad compressors and eq are some the smoothest i’ve ever heard.

Anyhow i’ll post an update for you in a few days.

unfortunately no, even with the delay plug theres still delay, :( however it works with hosts with delay compesation for mixing/mastering, still i would suggest you to buy it for post production.

Ok, thanx for the info guys.