Uad-2 Solo Or Tc Powercore Express


i want to upgrade my DAW with an audio dsp card. The question is: wich card should i buy?

My choices: UAD-2 solo or TC Powercore Express

The budget for this is 400 euro. The performance for this price should be ok for me. It is only to reduce cpu load in my home-studio.
Later - if its necessary - i can buy a second dsp-card.

As far as i know is UAD a good choice - but the Solo-Card has only one DSP (with 400 mhz) and only the essential plugin bundle.

TC Powercore’s Express works with 4 DSPs - (each of them with 150 mhz) and a big plugin bundle in the package.

What is important for me?

  • works under windows 7 64 (cubase SE 5 32Bit)
  • scalable
  • useful plugins out of the box: EQ, Compressor, Reverb, CS

Please give me some hints or advice, thanks.

I use uad1 Professional as he sayz

I test a liquidmix32 deeply , and i say: that was terrible shit and suck…

Tc virtual plugins are amazing. But when i start to use Uad’s plugins then i never see back to TC pluginz…

let me score you

LiquidMix 2/10 (nice hardware, shit system and sound, idiot names arrhhhggg, i hate to use that)
TC PLugins 9/10 (Virtual plugins only, no powercore powered in my test)
UAD1 10/10 (every plugins live, warm like the analogue consoles)

i hope i can help you…