Uad Compatable?

cant get renoise windows to load the uad plugs,should they work?


hello, I have two UAD-1s unfortunately it wont let me start with it, when I am being asked if I wanna start the demo of some plugin or wanna vitit uads website for having expired a demo, the program renoise crashes.

Thats not so nice, but fortunately I am still mainly working with steinberg, but I have to admit, renoise looks nice - why dont they fix that little problem and add a nice little plucin latency compensation?

That would be it ;)


What version of Renoise u guys using?

hi atarix,

I tried with both versions, 1.5.2 and 1.8.0 both show the same behaviour at startup - they can start, if they skip loading these plugs, but when I want to reload them while the programm is running, it crashes