Üav - Une Goutte (Micro Ep)

Three tracks I don’t have the courage to finish.


seeing how i discovered you to be my nemesis, i figured i owe it to you to give your micro ep (or collection of unfinished tracks, as you say) a listen.

the title of the 1st track is ‘wich way’. is this an intended typo or did you just spell ‘which’ the wrong way?

all tracks sounds a bit uniform to me. on the one hand that’s a good thing, as it means you’ve got your own style. on the other hand, it can get predictable. another thing i notice is (and this may be due to the songs being unfinished) that the songs don’t really seem to be going anywhere. they just kinda linger, and then end. the 2nd song has some beats in it, but it all sounds a bit ambient to me. i’m not sure if that’s the intention.

i really like your style, and the dark feel of your tracks. imo, you are a talented guy. i have no idea of your age or anything else, i just know you through your music and the forums, but i feel you are still searching for something. your tracks miss a definite direction, and you can hear it. work on that. consider joining in a competition or something. :D

Well, thank you for kind word dear ( so you are not so mad about me for beating you ? ) you’re right on all points I’m still searching for a direction, I hope my next project for the few next months will give me the answer :)

sadly, you are not the only one beating me in the DDRC Rounds, so i cannot justify to myself actually being mad at you for it. you remain, however, my nemesis.