Ubuntu 9.10: Renoise Wont Start Anymore

Now it did from a fresh install and I had audio, although it seemed to be taking a lot more CPU that it should of been. I have since installed a few packages, including qjackctl, one of which somewhere has broken Renoise. I now get this message at startup.

Sure it’s something I’ve done but seems a weird message as it has nothing to do with audio and that’s all I would of thought I would of changed with what I’ve done. Tried to check the folder and I don’t have access to it.

Does the downloaded renoise package work when you run it directly without installing (launch renoise from the downloaded folder), or does it work again after reinstalling?

Doesn’t work from reinstall, that was the first thing I tried and had done before posting, sorry should of said.

Have to admit I had forgotten I can run it from the downloaded folder though. Just tried that and it runs fine, with audio. Although CPU usage is about twice of on WinXP but I have done absolutely zero optimization yet.

OK for some reason it has set every folder in /usr/local/share/renoise-2.5.0/ to Unreadable.

I set Skin and Cursor folders to open rights with sudo chmod a+rwx command and it goes past the error message i was getting, I see it search through installed plugins but then it just doesn’t open (most likely as it can’t access the data in the rest of the folders it needs to use.) No more error messages though.

I have tried uninstalling (sudo sh uninstall.sh) restarting and then reinstalling and still comes back with these permissions.

Also my .config/menu folder has also gone to unreadable and readonly so can’t edit my Applications menu but that’s not Renoise related and looks like i know how to solve it now…

EDIT: Mean to say is there a recursive command that will do all sub-folders in one go? Or is there something else I can try to solve this weird permissions thing?

EDIT2: Case sensitivity of Linux, -R in there worked nicely once I realised. Now just need to sort our Jack and RT stuff…

I can force them errors, its a read/write permission error. if youd previosly ran renoise as sudo or root(e.g after a fresh install) the .renoise folder is now owned by sudo or root. when you try to run as normal user u get x errors. you can delete the .renoise folder in your home folder(tho u will lose your settings). or maybe running the renoise install script as sudo will fix permisions…

Fixed it with a chmod a+wrx -R (recursive to all sub folder) as uninstalling and reinstalling didn’t seem to work.

Something I have since done seems to have completely broken PA though so I can get no sound from my browser. Do have VLC for files and Renoise working at the same time if I wish now though :)

Biggest bug-bear is how the touchpad behaves! Overly sensitive to pressure (and sensitivity settings seem to do zero) and the area for scrolling takes arounf 1/4-1/3 of the entire pad. Makes it almost unusable!

That and i haven’t found a wave editor I like and yet to get SoundForge Audio Studio 9.0 working smoothly. Maybe I’ll start doing all recording and editing in Renoise. Not sure I really want to record around 5 hours of a recording session onto it and edit in there though, would much prefer my nice SoundForge which I am used to and chose after trying every possibility I could for Windows.

if you are looking for a nice looking simple audio editor for Linux, give Sweep a try. It’s far from being a full-featured audio editor but at least it’s not bloated and unusable like Audacity, which is also certainly not good as they claim.

here you can find a list of available software.

Installed from Repository.

It’s the user interface why I really don’t like most I’ve used in the past. Generally all I want to do is have it nice and clean for editing, be able to use the scroll wheel like I expect it to work (zoom), normalise, fairly clean dynamics as I find it helps with DJ mixes or pre-masters, ability to easily work on each channel separately (eg for cleaning up tape rips from a machine with poor azimuth alignment.)

On Windows I would of gone for Wavosaur if it wasn’t for the fact it couldn’t handle files over approximately an hour long. I would of put up with its other minor bugs and niggles if it wasn’t for that. So I know there are free wave editors which very nearly come to a standard I’m happy to use, just not quite found on yet…

there was another one but dammit i cant remember the name…“rezosound”…no wait hang on I have it.googles great!! rezound.sourceforge.net There might be a package already in the ubuntu repository.

dont forget to install all the LADSPA plugins from the ubuntu software repository(sometimes using Synaptic Package Manager in the menu “administration” will come up with more results). this will give you loads of eq plugins,distortion,compressors,effects. they can be used definately in renoise, but most other audio applications will detect them too.(ignore this if you knew it already!)

Can a quick look at Rezound the other day but didn’t much like the look. Maybe I should give it a proper try. A few people have been recommending SND as well.

Got touchpad response slightly better by removing touchpad/gsynaptics and installing gpointing-device-settings instead. Still far from ideal though!

Installed a few ALSA bits from Synaptics that looked like it might be useful. Now can get sound on Firefox and VLC straight from startup. Need to run qjackctl to run Renoise (which sometimes wants to give ALSA errors but plays) and then can have VLC and Renoise. Once I have run Jack I can find no way of making the machine play audio again from FF without a restart though.

try running pavcontrol (if you have it installed)(or did you unistall pulseaudio)from the programs menu.sometimes PA changes the default outputs. pavcontrol will show up all program sound connections(not while jack is running tho), firefox does it to me sometimes.

pavcontrol doesn’t exist.

pavucontrol fails to load. “Connection Failed: Connection Refused.”

Oh and thanks for the suggestion of Sweep It-Alien. Only had a quick look but so far seems the nicest (or closest to what I personally want) out of the ones I’ve tried. Just having the waveforms display the size I expect, with -6dB half way down the waveform rather than some random number (due to linier representation?) is a damned good start! Not had a look at any of it’s effects or processes, or if it loads plug-ins etc yet though…

now you have me stumped!!!sorry.now you know more about what programs you need installng for a good renoise setup, could you do it easier with a fresh install? (without all the stuff that i normally install by accident, not knowing what i’m doing)
maybe we could look into setting up a renoise streamlined distro?