[ubuntu studio 8.04] Linux Running Problems

Hello can anyone help on this one
I have ubuntu 8.04 fresh install

I used 7.10 before and it worked fine!

once installed it says “no such file or directory” or “no such file or executable”


even though it is in the very same directory same name same symlink and all!

there is no reaction to clicking it through KMenu either once it is system installed

so no phun

Sounds like Ubuntu 8.04 official has abandoned a few default path locations.
I have not looked into 8.04 yet, some others did though and even if it installs fine, there are still some problems with the icons.
The changelogs should tell you at least the more important differences between 8.04 and 7.10.
What i read a lot from the boards about upgrading or exchanging a perfectly working 7.10 to 8.04 (regardless whether this is about Studio or Desktop) is “Don’t fix if it ain’t broken”.

I am curious about what 8.04 has, that makes it worthwhile swapping 7.10 for.

Well the ldd gives it is not a binary or something -sry i’m not on the linux box now- thats not online and is at a different place.

8.04 has a few things and i never managed to see any obvious “easy” way to install a new kernel upgrade
so the kernels the main reason

well paths … hmm yes


This looks more like the archive or extracted archive content got damaged. Please download Renoise again and reinstall it.

my brain was damaged, but no problemos in 8.04 here. initialising it from the command line is great because you get to see all the exciting statistics while tracking.

OK i had a look about the lack of 64bit downloads -but not necessary fot it to work since i already know it could work.

Well i guessed it was missing bytes from the download i got -all 2000 of them!
just a fluke i guess but it remains to be tested!

thanks all

ONE MORE OFFSIDE: 804 is twice as fast to load and thats remarkable really, i think kde4 is even faster -loads by the time my monitor heats up. now it really kickz win ass

One more question:
Synaptics Packet Manager in Ubuntu studio shows an upgrade button for the 8.04 LTS edition…
I wonder, will that install an upgrade of Ubuntu Studio or will that upgrade Ubuntu Studio 7.10 to Ubuntu Desktop 8.04?